Оk, so here’s them deal, guys and girls

We’ve been on PSN for quite a while now, and the regular Store doesn’t seem to be getting us any relevant exposure, but all that is hopefully going to change soon…

*drum roll*

The game will be available for 1$/€ from 14 Oct until 18 Nov.!!!


We’re thinking of cooking up some FREE dlc for Strength of the SWORD

So, we’re thinking of cooking up some FREE DLC for Strength of the SWORD… One of our ideas for the new boss was  – “The Dungeon King” – working title.


DON’T LAUGH!!! I said WORKING title, goddamn it! They are always generic and corny and stuff……………SHUT UP!!!

So anyway, he’s kind of blob made up of the shadows and corpses of fallen heroes…we’re going to try some Shape Shifting with this one…and we’re thinking of having him drastically change behavior during combat.

After a few brainstorming sessions we came with really great and unique concept – “The Swamp God”


It’s this Corrupted and Twisted old demigod gone bloodthirsty and stuff! And the blood-soaked swamp with mad voodoo vibe might make for some pretty different atmosphere!

So far we think it makes for a better DLC than the Dungeon King