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We couldn’t be happier about the excellent reviews that we’ve received for our game STRENGTH OF THE SWORD 3, thanks guys!
We’ve been working so hard these past few years, trying to provide an experience that would hopefully thrill players that are looking for a challenging game. And it is so amazing to see that we’ve done a good job and that our efforts were not misguided.
So, if you are one of those players-looking for the kind of games you “Beat” instead of “Finish”, we hope that you will pick up the game and give it a shot!
If you do: Good Luck and HAVE FUN, guys!

11 thoughts on “The first reviews of STRENGTH OF THE SWORD 3

  1. Thanks for posting our review. Great and funny game. Must-have Indie-title.

    We wish you all the best for the launch today.

    Greetz from Germany :-)

    • We’re so crazy happy that you liked it, dudes!
      We’ll do our best not to disappoint you in the future ^_^

    • THANK YOU!
      You’re the kind of gamers we’ve made the game for!
      We’re so glad you had fun and we’ll do our best not to disappoint you in the future ^_^

  2. Thanks for posting our review, honestly this is a great game and I can not wait for it to come out here in the US in the future.

    I let a friend of mine play it last night to get his take on it. his words were “This game is f*cking bullsh*t, and I can only be mad at myself.”

    Great work guys!

  3. Hey guys, congratulations on getting your first review scores. The game is awesome and I hope that many more people will find out about it. You should try to get the attention of some bigger gaming sites (like IGN, Gamespot etc.) so that your game will find its way onto Metacritic.

  4. Hi Chris,
    Thank you very mcuh for your wishes!
    We are doing our best to attract all gaming media attention, but nowadays, it is not an easy task.

  5. :) Много се радвам, че сте успели да я завършите, очаквам PC версията и ще искам и аз версията на ДИСК Много беше забавно докато правихме “The Art of War” с GameMaker-a :)

    • Ще гледаме ПЦ версията да стане много добра, ще добавим и още малко съдържание и ще излъскаме каквото можем. Разбира се това ще важи и за конзолната версия

  6. Много готина игра, още от ГДС исках да я играя пак !
    Купих я веднага и я превъртях.
    Поздрави за невероятната игра момчета, чакаме аддони и ъпгради (може и pvp/ 2player coop…).
    Рекламирам я на всички приятели и познати :)
    Още веднъж евала за готина игра, и че нищо не е невъзможно…

    • Здравей Сергей,
      Благодаря за готините думи. Много се радваме, че играта ти е харесала, това ни действа много мотивиращо. Дано и на другите, които са си я купили или ще си я купят да им хареса. Обещаваме да направим и готини безплатни ДЛЦ-та. Всъщност ние не планираме платени, само безплатни защото искаме играта да стане още по-добра от това, което е в момента.


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